Agriculture Products

pigsCLARCOR Air is the leading manufacturer of filtration products for swine facilities. CLARCOR Air’s Pur™ Ag Air Filtration System is the only complete filtration system to protect livestock by reducing the indirect spread of PRRS and other pathogens through airborne transmission as demonstrated by the University of Minnesota Swine Disease Eradication Center (SDEC). In fact, our products were first applied to swine facilities in North America in 2009 and were among the SDEC’s extensive research involving the effectiveness of filtration in the prevention of aerosol transmission of PRRS.

CLARCOR Air is the only manufacturer who:
  • Has filtered more swine farms than any other filter company
  • Has the highest installed base of filters in swine facilities
  • Brings knowledge, expertise and over 100 years of combined filtration experience to every project
  • Offers Pur Ag Air Filtration System, the only complete filtration system to protect livestock
cool cell wall attic housing eave housing

Pur Ag Air Filtration System is a 3-piece configuration for a cool cell wall, for the attic ceiling inlet or for an eave application. The system includes a pre-filter, a final filter and a housing (hardware). The use of a pre-filter is necessary to eliminate the coarse particles and extend the life span of the final filter, and the housings are designed specifically for your environment—so there is no corrosion or breakdown over time.

Check out our product offering which is the result of a substantial investment in research, product development, and product design to create a complete product system for your needs.