Odor Control

While gas phase filtration is used for removing molecular contaminants in the air, it is also used to remove odors. Without question, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a legitimate concern, but oftentimes it is incorrectly associated with an odor, making the absence of any distinctive smell – such as cigarette smoke, vehicular exhaust, and food preparation – imperative for occupants of and visitors to a building.

For some commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, airplanes, and apartment complexes, among other structures, it is extremely important to maintain an odor-free environment so the occupants are comfortable. Otherwise, the unpleasant odor can have seriously detrimental effects on a business.

CLARCOR Air’s extensive range of gas phase filters include activated carbon pleated filters, chemically enhanced carbon pleated filters, high capacity gas phase adsorbers, and ultra-high capacity gas phase adsorbers, all of which effectively and efficiently remove unpleasant odors, providing better IAQ and a more comfortable indoor environment.