The manufacturing of microelectronics necessitates the cleanest of cleanrooms. A few stray particles can have dire consequences on yield rates in production. Standards are high and requirements are likely to increase as technological advancements continue to drive down the scale of microelectronic components while increasing output. As such, air quality is of the utmost importance, and both particulate and molecular contamination needs to be accounted for.

For particle filtration, CLARCOR Air manufactures HEPA and ULPA filters to the required specs of the client. We have the experience and expertise to produce filters at the highest standards demanded in the microelectronics industry and are continuously improving our products to further outpace the competition.

Because gas molecules are not collected by even the most effective ULPA filters, gas phase filters are necessary to prevent airborne molecular contamination (AMC). CLARCOR Air manufactures heavy duty activated carbon filters to eliminate unwanted gaseous molecules that detrimentally affect the yield rate during microelectronic production. Not all microelectronic manufacturers use gas phase filters, but as the industry becomes more aware of AMC’s effect on yield rate, the use of gas phase filtration is increasing.