Gas Turbine / Power Systems

Gas turbines are located in some of the most extreme climates all over the world, and CLARCOR Air can provide the right solutions for any condition. From the hot, dry, dust-ridden desert to the freezing temperatures of the arctic and everything in between, our filters protect the gas turbine system from corrosion and erosion, ultimately extending the lifespan of the turbine and decreasing maintenance costs along the way.

With the best materials in the industry, we are committed to providing filters with low pressure drop, high efficiency, and long life span – everything desired in a gas turbine air filter. Our filters ensure that the air entering the turbine is as clean as possible, for it contributes to turbine efficiency and blade cleanliness, an integral part of reducing maintenance costs and down time.

Our portfolio of products includes a wide variety of panel and bag filters, moisture-removing filters, high efficiency and HEPA filters, and pulse filters to exceed the demands of any gas turbine. So whether it is a standard static system, self-cleaning pulse system, or an offshore/marine system, CLARCOR Air has the appropriate filter solution for all gas turbine needs.

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