Cleanrooms are used in many different industries and settings. Because of this, not all filter solutions transfer from one setting to the next. Whether it is manufacturing, research, semi-conductors (see: microelectronics), biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, or anything else, CLARCOR Air’s products are proven to provide clean, comfortable air while protecting the fragile processes taking place.

From ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 9 cleanrooms, we manufacture solutions for all possible classifications of a cleanroom facility. Our ample portfolio of products includes 99.99% HEPA, 95% DOP and activated carbon filters, and high performing pre- and secondary filters to exceed the needs of any cleanroom ventilation system, assisting in maintaining desired air pressure levels while filtering dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and potentially dangerous chemical vapors.

The delicate processes that take place in cleanrooms cannot be compromised, and air quality is an integral part of the equation. Our products make sure the air stays clean, safe, and up to required standards. Excellent air quality produces excellent results.