Auditoriums, Arenas, Event Venues

The functional purpose of auditoriums, arenas, and event spaces makes it imperative to provide clean, comfortable air to these environments. Their complex ventilation systems require the right filters in place to ensure occupants remain comfortable, alert, and unaware of any atmospheric discomfort. This is no easy task.

First, the large, open spaces in these venues require a properly integrated ventilation system to adequately heat and cool them. This becomes even more cumbersome when occupied by hundreds or thousands of people.

Ranging from school auditoriums, basketball arenas, gyms, churches, and more, CLARCOR Air manufactures filters for all applications in this segment. Our portfolio of products has given us the opportunity to provide clean air solutions for nationally renowned opera houses, theatres, and sports arenas.

Providing clean, comfortable air is difficult, but the air we breathe should not be compromised. We at CLARCOR Air are committed to bringing the best solutions for maximizing indoor air quality.